Serve as Instructor

  • CS8659 at CityU HK: Research in Computer Science. (co-lecturer)

  • GE2340 at CityU HK: Artificial Intelligence: Past, Present, and Future.

  • CS1102 at CityU HK: Introduction to Computer Studies.

Serve as Teaching Assistant

  • MATH-111(e) at EPFL: Algèbre Linéaire. Instructor: Christian Lucius Urech.

  • CS-413 at EPFL: Computational Photography. Instructor: Sabine Süsstrunk.

    • The course and the instructor wins 2020 EPFL AGEPoly IC Polysphere Awards for excellence in teaching, one selected annually.
  • EE-556 at EPFL: Mathematics of Data: From Theory to Computation. Instructor: Volkan Cevher

Serve as Project Mentor

  • Shuangqi Li. "On the Robustness of Generative Adversarial Networks."

  • Francisco Ferrari. "Towards Neural Networks Robust Against Sparse Attacks".

  • Ningwei Ma. "Adversarial Robustness for Neural Ordinary Di erential Equations".

  • Yulun Jiang. "Adversarial Robustness for Multiple Threat Models".

  • Ziqi Zhao. "Network Pruning in Adversarial Training".

  • Zhenyu Zhu, Majdouline Ait Yahia. "Robust Binary Network".

  • Julien Leal, Shengzhao Lei. "Learning Representations via Weak Supervision".